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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suiting up

I suited up and watched them for about an hour, just letting them crawl over me. They didn't sting or attack at all, I stayed very calm therefore so did the bees. Their abdomen pulse constantly because their heart runs all the way through it. It was amazing to watch.

Bees are here!

Arrived this morning! Installation went smoothly and bees are flying freely. Queen has a yellow mark on her thorax and is perfectly healthy. Be checking in, in a few days to see the progress.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My hive with out the bee's yet in it. The circle on the side is a window I put into the side so I can get a look at the bees in "their element". The metal things sticking out of the side are my hive rests (a structure to keep the frames on when inspecting them) 
I would like to thank my parents for funding this project especially my dad who helped me build the hive one long saturday afternoon, and my mom and friend monica for helping me paint them.

Bee's arriving

My Bees will be arriving tomorrow and I am beyond ready. I can't wait to get my girls situated and start observing!