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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bee art

Where did this analogy even come from?

Let the nectar and honey flow


  1. I was gardening yesterday and a bumblebee came to inspect my plants. Can you tell me the difference between bumbles and honey bees? Love, Nana

  2. Wow-just saw photo with honeycomb. You have some really 'busy bees' So cool. Love Nana

  3. Oh the difference between bumblebees and honey bees, is that bumblebees are a lot larger and rounder. They also have lot smaller hives and there number don't get beyond a few thousand where honey bees can get into hundreds of thousands and bumblebees make a lot less honey.

  4. Thank you Hayley. I don't recall seeing any bumble hives, I will keep my eyes open, or put on my 'bumble costume' and follow them home.:):)
    I am so glad you are educating me-always took the bees for granted until they started disappearing a couple of years ago and didn't think how absolutely necessary they are.
    Was it a virus killing the bees off? Love you, Nana

  5. IF you want to see more bumblebees, they are great pollinators then you can build a house for them, heres a link that shows you how
    And they are not entirely sure what is killing them... there is something called Colony Collapse Disorder where the bees in the hive just seem to fail and leave. But scientists don't why this is happening.