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Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's check up...

So checked on the hive today. Stung a couple of times on the gloves, luckily went through only once and very little so my right index finger is a little funny feeling. They were aggressive today and kept bonking the screen on my face, a warning to get away, making me feel very grateful for my veil. This was partially my fault because I was agitated myself (the smoker kept going out), but this is also a sign that the bees have come to except the hive fully as their home. Also saw my first sign of honey, white filmy caps in the corners of several brood frames. I really wanted to taste but resisted. Saw the queen again and plenty of brood. Today marked the fourth week, and so I added the second deep body as around 7 frames were filled in the lower. I think I'm going to have my dad come out and help me from now on, now that there will be 20 frames to check meaning double the work. Be checking in next week to see how they take to the new box.

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  1. Am so glad honeys like their new digs. Was a bit tremulous due to paint. Wallpaper next? Love Nana